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Windows 7 Launch Parties!

Windows 7 Launch Parties!

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Be Part of Windows History, Host a Windows 7 Launch Party!

Windows 7 Launch party sign-ups are now open across the world! Chosen hosts will receive a free, signature edition of Windows 7 Ultimate!
Host slots are limited – so sign up early!

Go here to sign up:

If you are an MVP and plan to host your own Windows 7 party. Please don’t forget to upload your pictures and videos to the MVP Award Program page on Facebook. We would love to see your launch party!

Are you Twitter user? Use #win7meetup when you Tweet about it!


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  • Please ask the powers that be, include the country Brazil in the House Party Promotion?

    Brazil is famous for having great parties and Windows 7 would be adopted much faster if more here knew how much better Windows 7 works and with present hardware...  Save Money!!

    I would like to hold a party at a local outdoor restaurant and I have a rock musical group ready to play all night!  We can get a big crowd putting our contact lists together!

  • i think this is an awesome idea!  it sounds like fun.  and american loves a party!  especially a global party ... brazil should be invited & everyone else!

  • For anyone that wants help hosting a party (but did not get a party kit), or do a meeting, or just looking for help in introducing people to Windows 7 - you can get some great resources with Meet Ups.

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