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77 Windows 7 Tips

77 Windows 7 Tips

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PowerShell MVP Jeffrey Hicks along with Don Jones, Pav Cherny, J.,Peter Bruzzese, and Microsoft’s Bill Boswell have produced a great list of 77 Windows 7 tips and tricks on TechNet!

Whether you are upgrading from Windows Vista or moving up from Windows XP, Windows 7 offers a great number of enhancements from previous version of Windows. The TechNet article offers a great numbers of productivity tips. Here is a sample of great Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts from Jeffrey’s list.

Windows Key + H - Move current window to full screen

Windows Key + I - Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize current window if not full screen

Windows Key + Shift + Arrow - Move current window to alternate screen

Windows Key + D - Minimize all windows and show the desktop

Windows Key + E - Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus

Windows Key + F - Launch a search window

Windows Key + G - Cycle through gadgets

Windows Key + L - Lock the desktop

Windows Key + M - Minimize the current window

Windows Key + R - Open the Run window

Windows Key + T - Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for each running item

Windows Key + U - Open the Ease of Use center

Windows Key + Space - Aero Peek the desktop

Ctrl + Windows Key + Tab - Open persistent task selection window, roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others

Learn more about Jeffery’s community contributions by visiting his blog.

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  • Hi. There's no need to hold the Ctrl key for WinKey + Tab. Windows Key + Tab works just fine. :)

  • It's a very wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and valuable tips  with us. I am looking for the same kinda tips. Really appreciable. Thanks......

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