by MVP Lead PJ  Forgione

We wanted to take a moment to showcase some MVP and community involvement in the Visual Studio launch on April 12.  MVPs are involved in each of the five major Visual Studio 2010 launches happening around the globe.  In the United States, the launch is taking place in Las Vegas with DevConnections.  There are 25 MVPs scheduled to deliver 66 sessions, and MVPs are delivering 62% of the total conference content.  There will also be some MVPs talking to Channel 9 to tell their Visual Studio 2010 launch story and those interviews will be published soon.

In Bangalore, India, the Visual Studio 2010 launch is a part of Tech*Ed India.  MVPs are presenting over 18 sessions at this conference.  In Beijing, China, MVPs will be attending the launch as VIP attendees and delivering a 10 City Community Launch Tour. For the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, launch, MVPs are delivering 6 out of 8 track sessions and have helped create a Visual Studio 2010 Launch contest.  

In London, MVPs are also speaking at the main Visual Studio 2010 Launch event and leading fringe events during UK Tech Days. 

MVPs aren’t just helping out in the main launch events for Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 also is a major component of Community Launch, which developer MVPs have been invited to participate in.  So far, over 290 MVPs are registered within the Visual Studio 2010 Community Launch Portal and will be delivering numerous events around the globe and providing content back into the community.  MVPs who want to participate in the Visual Studio 2010 Community Launch, but have not yet registered, should contact their MVP Lead.    Other community launch activities MVPs are participating in are the DotNetRocks Launch Road Trip and local MSDN and TechNet events.

MVPs are also helping to provide a great product to launch, delivering highly actionable feedback to the Visual Studio 2010 product group over the last year.

Are you helping to promote the Visual Studio 2010 launch? Let us know what you’re up to by contacting Developer MVP Leads and help us shape the MVP story! 

Big thanks to the MVPs for all your help launching Visual Studio 2010, and for all you do in the community. We are looking forward to a great launch!  


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