As someone who has written countless articles, blog posts, and Tweets, it makes sense that Windows Phone MVP Arne Hess’ words are now larger than life. In fact, they’re currently towering on 33-foot billboards all over Berlin, Germany.


That’s because the marketing team for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 campaign decided to move past just advertising and ask consumers what they really think. And who better to describe one of the most anticipated phones on the market than a veteran MVP?


Arne described how he became connected with the campaign:


“Earlier this summer, before Windows Phone 7 was launched, I had the opportunity to meet Greg Sullivan, lead product manager Windows Phone 7, during his Windows Phone 7 press tour across Europe.  Since it was a press tour, I was allowed to publicly write about Windows Phone 7, and I summarized the one hour quality time I had with Windows Phone 7 on my site – the::unwired (”


“After I posted my article, Microsoft Germany asked me if they can use some quotes from the article for a possible upcoming marketing campaign, and since I fully stood (and still stand) behind my words I agreed – for sure. Now the Windows Phone 7 campaign is up and running across Berlin – even bigger than I expected – and I’m very proud to be a small part of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch campaign!”


Arne’s quote is currently displayed in areas comparable to New York’s Times Square and it reads:


"Es gibt nichts vergleichbares auf dem markt. Es ist neu, frisch - einfach anders."


"There is nothing comparable on the market. It is new, fresh. It’s just different."

 We are so excited to see Arne take part in this campaign!