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  • Blog Post: MVP Summit Neighborhood Tour

    I always love it when people come to visit the Seattle/Bellevue area. It gives me a chance to see the places I visit every day with fresh eyes. I’m reminded of the excitement I felt when I first visited this area and how captivated I was by the architecture and stunning views in every direction. I loved...
  • Blog Post: An Adventurer’s Must Do List in Seattle!

    Have you been to Seattle before? Think you’ve done it all already? Really? Have you seen a salmon fly through the air or climb a ladder? Have you watched a huge ship ascend a 26 foot vertical hurdle in just a few minutes? Have you witnessed a giant troll grasping a real VW Beetle in his clawed hand that...
  • Blog Post: Lights, Camera, Action! It’s Movie time in Seattle!

    Since a number of blockbusters are often released first in the US before hitting other countries, why not capitalize on this opportunity to see a new movie and check out a local movie theatre? Downtown Cinemas are as follows: 1. Regal Meridian 16
  • Blog Post: Upscale, Outlet, Electronics, Specialty and Public Market Shops: A Shopper’s Paradise in Seattle and Surrounding Area

    During every Summit, MVPs ask me for key places to do their shopping. The most common question is about outlet malls or electronics stores. But there’s so much more! The Seattle area also has a good selection of upscale shops such as those on 4 th and 5 th in downtown Seattle, or Louis Vuitton and Armani...
  • Blog Post: Where to Watch “Real Football” in Seattle?

    Are you craving the Premiership, la Liga or Serie A whilst you are in Seattle – Fear not, you are not alone! The 2 best places for live and repeated football (also known as “soccer” to some people) are: 1. FADO - 1 st Avenue and Columbia, Downtown Seattle -
  • Blog Post: 20 Great Places to Visit in Seattle

    Wondering what you can do in Seattle when you’re not in sessions during the MVP Global Summit? Obviously, with a city as large and diverse as Seattle, it would be impossible to cover every attraction. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of 20 attractions where hopefully, you will find at least one or...
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