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Microsoft SQL Services is now Microsoft SQL Azure

Microsoft SQL Services is now Microsoft SQL Azure

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En el blog de SQL Server News anuncio que desde ahora SQL Services será SQL Azure y SQL Data Services será SQL Azure Database. Aquí el detalle:


“Microsoft is updating the branding for SQL Services and SQL Data Services. Effective immediately, SQL Services will be called Microsoft SQL Azure, and SQL Data Services will be Microsoft SQL Azure Database. This name change doesn’t reflect a change in the products themselves; we will still be providing a powerful relational database foundation to the Azure Services Platform. By standardizing our naming conventions, we’re demonstrating the tight integration between the components of the services platform. More intuitive names also help to reinforce the relationships between our on-premises and cloud solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to drive simplicity and clarity for customers as they consider on-premises and cloud computing approaches for solving their IT needs.”

Mas informacion en SQL Azure


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