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    Some new SOS functions

    Hi all. Here is a short tutorial about !gchandleleaks and managed breakpoints in windbg. You need at least a Whidbey Beta2 build to run it. Soon Whidbey RTM will be out too (yay!) WINDOWH.EXE (the code is below) - from a sample app which illustrates...
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    Traversing the gc heap (and introducing PSSCOR.DLL)

    We have an improved SOS.DLL with many bug fixes and enhancements. Tom Christian in Product Support maintains it, and gave me permission to post it here under the name PSSCOR.DLL. [update June 2005 - For some time now, PSSCOR.DLL has been included with...
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    Howdy! I'm Michael Stanton, and I work on the CLR dev team. Specifically I lead the Quick Response Team, and we look at some of the most godawful stress failures you can think of from various labs inside Microsoft. We also look at customer issues in conjunction...
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