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  • Blog Post: Powershell script that can schedule itself to run later

    From time to time I find it useful to schedule tasks to run on my machine. I often realize that many people are unaware that windows 2003 has a built in task scheduler; and even more of a rarity for them to be aware it can be managed via the command line. Enter SCHTASKS
  • Blog Post: Powershell 1 liner: Key Value pairs from text file to hashtable

    Example Problem: You have a text file that contains key value pair and you want to use them as a hash table in powershell. Values.txt: key1=value1 key2=value2 key3=value42 One way to do it: PS C:\temp> gc values.txt | %{$h = @{}} {if ($_ -match "(.*)=(.*)") {$h[$matches[1]]=$matches[2];}} ...
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