It seems to be the thing to note a few things one will try to do better in the new year.  What follows are my resolutions that are related to things at work.

  • Work with Outlook shut off - let me focus on the task at hand
  • Work with minimal internet induced interruption - see note above :-)
  • Find interesting WF content to blog about until I can talk more about the work going on for Oslo
  • Ask a lot more questions of you, what your experience is with the WF designer, and what we can do to make that better
  • Learn F# - I enjoyed the brief excursion into Lisp while an undergrad, I would like to get back into thinking in a functional way
  • Work to improve my speaking skills - I've been happy with my performance at the conferences I have spoken at, but I haven't really done anything to try to take that to the next level. 
    • A corollary: Deliver at least one "non-traditional" presentation - I (and many people in the audiences) see a million and a half "bludgeoned by bullet point" presentations a year.  I'd like to try something different (a good example of this is Larry Lessig's talk at TED this past spring (deeper sidenote, a great collection of interesting speakers and speaking styles are present at the TED podcast.  I always make sure to have a few of those on my Zune to watch on the bus))
  • See you all at PDC :-)