Hi everyone,

For those of you who are insterested in Lync+WP7, take at look at this video. A colleague (Mikkel Bach Nielsen), his wife (Irit) and I have had some fun in our spare time, trying to create a little WP7-Lync solution. We’ll try to submit it for free on marketplace anytime soon. The solution consists of a:

  1. WP7 application where you can:
    1. Perform normal chat, presence management, note editing etc.
    2. Manage contacts, groups etc in Lync.
    3. View contacts’ calendars.
    4. Search contacts in AD.
    5. Manage multiple profiles – ideal for ie. Consultants and others who could connect to multiple locations. Some of you who notice that we store credentials on the phone (AES enctrypted)…. The server can set a policy preventing this on the devices, and the devices honor that.
  2. A server bundle consisting of:
    1. Backend services facilitating Lync integration via UCMA 3.0.
    2. Backend services facilitating contact calendar integration via managed EWS.
    3. Gateway service exposing all functionality to backend as REST services – called from WP7 app.

We have a  customer (law firm) willing to (server software already deployed, test starting in the near future) adopt the solution – and requesting an iPhone client as well – which we could to do using Mono Touch and the same client framework as used in this one for accessing the REST services.

Screen shots: 

Main page after profile selected, ready to sign in.

Signed in, ready to chat, search, etc.

Chatting – here with “myself” in Microsoft.

Other attendees can be expanded – is updated dynamically.

I can always access my contacts calendars – fetched from exchange. Clicking mail and phone numbers start the appropriate email and phone tasks.

Searching contacts.

Managing profiles.

Setting self presence.