Euan pointed me to an interesting article about the use of Monad together with SMO. Those who know me well, know I am somewhat of a scripting biggot and still install Cygwin on all of my boxes as I cannot live without bash, awk, perk, sed, expr and the various other UNIX tools that I have used over the years. I have been somewhat of a Monad sceptic, but once I saw what the vision behind it was I was quickly turned around. Now history will tell whether MSH is going to be the big hit I expect it to be. But there are several teams here already deeply investing in it and Exchange is a team that already showcases a deep use of Monad and event built their management UI on top of it. SQL Server DBA's have potentially a lot to gain from a good Monad implementation with a set of well implemented cmdlets*.

I'd love to know what type of cmdlets you'd like to see for SQL Server/SMO, bye the way... This is something we're looking into for the next release.


*If want to know what a cmdlet is, take a look at this deck or this MSDN article.