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  • Blog Post: An insightful article on a recent Windows Azure service disruption

    This was such a great read that I wanted to share it out... A factual, actionable, and humble article... Makes me feel proud to work at Microsoft. -Michiel
  • Blog Post: Talking about SQLPS (SQL Server Powershell extensions) on Runas Radio

    I was recently interviewed on RunAs Radio on the new Powershell extensions that we developed for SQL Server 2008. If you want to learn more about SQL Server Powershell download the podcast here : If you listened to it then please post your feedback...
  • Blog Post: What? No cmdlets? -- SQL Server Powershell

    When you start using the SQL Server Powershell extensions, you will find there are not a whole lot of cmdlets. The expectation is indeed that Powershell support means: cmdlets for every administrative operation you can perform. Did we miss something here? Nope, this is by design. We do intend to ship...
  • Blog Post: Some background on the use of minishells, such as SQLPS

    Jeffrey Snover posted a very clear article about minishells and SQL Server's use of it: Jeffrey is Powershell's Architect, well respected in the Powershell community, and it's good to read about his perspective on this.
  • Blog Post: Evaluating SQL Server Policies through Powershell

    I found this ping-back on my previous blog post which gives a good overview of one very useful cmdlet that we ship with the Powershell extensions that SQL Server 2008 will deliver. A very helpful article one of the SQL Server MVPs, Lara Rubbelke , on the use of Invoke-PolicyEvaluation : http://sqlblog...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Powershell is here!

    I am very excited that SQL Server will ship with a pretty solid first release of Powershell extensions with SQL Server 2008. The SQL Server Powershell extensions deliver on a vision that we’ll expand on in the next releases to come. So what’s in this release of SQL Server Powershell? - SQLPS –...
  • Blog Post: Moving over to a new blog... And something about me

    Moving over my blog from sqljunkies. At sqljunkies I had made a start with some background articles about SQL Server Management Objects and I have a whole bunch of articles lined up for this blog. A quick introduction -- I moved from The Netherlands to the U.S. and started working for Microsoft about...
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