Welcome to “My Startup thoughts” blog. I’m Michael Dubinsky, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Israel working at the “Startup Nation”, aka Israel.

In this blog I’ll try to share my thoughts about the different cool ideas I see from startups, the technological challenges they’re facing and how does Microsoft with it’s products, tools and services provides relief to those challenges.


Many of the thoughts and ideas won’t be objective, or technical per se, as part of my work also involves doing the “evangelism” part, I’ll discuss some of the features and directions we’re taking with our products in order to help our customers figure out whether it’s a direction they want to take, and what would be the best approach for them to actually do it.

Personally I’ve been with Microsoft for almost 5 years, out of which more than 4 I’ve spent as a Premier Field Engineer (or PFE in short) acting as one of the leads in EMEA on the whole Identity and Access products for Microsoft, and specifically Active Directory.

In short, I’ve spent a lot of time working with enterprise customers, in their Data Centers debugging our own code, and/or fixing their “misconceptions” (gently put) about our product and how to implement it.


I’m happy to start this blog, and I do hope all who reads it will actually benefit from it – that would be my guiding star Smile.


Looking forward to my actual first “Technical” post.