Code camp event has been the best it has ever been.  For those who have not yet been a part of the Philadelphia CodeCamp event do not know what they are missing.    With a number of presenters from Microsoft and a large contingent of MVPs it is a great way to learn. 

At this event I presented on the value of Enterprise Library and provide an in-depth look at how EntLib can change they way to develop world-class applications without writing code that you never want to maintain.

For those who have attended my sessions, a big thank you.  Please look in this space as I will continue to gather feedback for future sessions.  At this moment here are my thoughts:

  • Azure Cloud for Beginners
  • Building for scale using Azure Services
  • Developing Rich and Immersive Applications on Windows 7

Let the voting begin… or just send me a note telling me what you would like to see.

Presentation:  Power Point