One of the fundamental challenges with launching something new is the letting people know about it.   That said, the same challenge can be applied to an existing business.  The main point of every sales cycle is to up-sell your customer to the next, bigger, better, more profitable product.   From a box of cereal, to news, to cable service, all companies are a like,  they attempt to start and develop the sales cycle with the “engage, evolve and up-sell” loop.

While working on an interesting assignment, I had a chance to work with one of the web’s most prestige brands The Huffington Post.    As you examine the site, it is clear, HuffingtonPost is a great news channel and provides a wealth of commentary on current events.   Even with a very large and loyal audience, the site is not unlike the rest of the web and still follows the basic consumer engagement principles.   The principal is that unless the site is related to your direct job, you are going to visit it when you have time creating the relationship as casual and occasional.    When you ask Huffington Post, they would love it to be the reverse,  the on-site experience to be as often and as long as possible.   

On the web, events happen quickly and everyone wants to know when it does, with the help of IE8 and Web Slices developed by Huffington Post.   The readers are able to stay more in touch with the sections they have come to love.   As you brows the IEAddons.com gallery you will find that the HuffingtonPost developers have created something for everyone whether you love Entertainment, Politics or Comedy.


You can all of the Web Slices developed by the Huffington Post and many more here: