Today's my last day in the office before vacation. I'm headed off to Australia tomorrow, and won't be back in the office until next year. (Itinerary: Sydney for a week, Melbourne for a week, then back to Sydney for the remaining time, with a quick day-trip to Canberra on Boxing Day.)

For those of you who are attending Macworld Expo, I'll see you there. I'm pretty sure that I'll be practically living in the MacBU booth (and our sooper-sekrit other location, to be revealed on Mac Mojo later), so stop by and say hi.

Hmmm, speaking of things to be posted to Mac Mojo, I've asked someone else to post something next week. I've got another Entourage/PowerPoint study coming up right after MWSF, and if you're in the Bay Area and want to participate in it, make sure that you're in our usability participant database. This is the sign-up page if you're not already in there or if you need to update your information (new address, new email address, started using a new app, etc). There's a full post coming next week, but you can beat the rush if you sign up now.

Have a great holiday. I'll see you all next year! :)

(For the non-Microsofties in the audience, OOF stands for Out Of Facilities. Why we don't say Office instead of Facilities is beyond me.)