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peace out

peace out

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I read all sorts of Mac sites, but my hands-down favourite for the past several months has been The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Aside from being quite entertaining, it's been oddly informative.

Peace out, Fake Steve. You'll be missed.

  • http://10layers.com/2007/01/2010-apple-larger-than-microsoft/

    So, if I was head of the Mac BU Woo's, I would really try to get Office 2008 out by spring launch of Leopard, and at least try to capitalise on predicted market share of Leopard vs Vista. Hey, and DON'T add audio and video to Mac Messenger for Office 2008, that way it'll be another reason the market will choose Tiger over Vista....

  • Also remind your Euro teams that $1 = £0.52 = €0.77


    "But Microsoft could face a backlash from consumers over its pricing plans - with the cost of Vista versions in the US roughly half the price of equivalent versions in the UK."


  • Oh, and I know these post not relevant to the strange and curious closing down of Fake Steve's blog - but those Mac Boo Woos at MacMojo don't post my comments coz they're chicken...

  • Oh, I see now he's changed his mind and is selling himself for money.

  • No, Asam, the point is that your comments aren't relevant to anything related to MacBU.  It's not about being chicken, it's about staying on topic.  You've obviously got a beef with Microsoft, and you insist on spewing it everywhere.  We're interested in talking to people who have something to say about MacBU and our products.  You don't.  If you want to spew your anti-Microsoft stuff, knock yourself out: write your own blog, post comments to Slashdot, whatever.  

    I know nothing about, and have nothing to do with, anything related to Vista.  I don't even have it running on one of my machines in my office.  I'm only posting your irrelevant comments here to tell you to cut it out.  Find a way to be relevant (and I'm even willing to pretend that your humourless YouTube videos are relevant) and less of a whinging twit, otherwise you're going back into my bit bucket.  

  • Nah, not me that's got a beef with Microsoft, just whole of Europe :P And if Office 2008 costs even a single pence or euro cent more then the equivalent product in the States, we'll get all Mac User Groups in Europe to make a class action law suit againt Microsoft - I'd organise that, just for fun :P

  • [irrelevant comment #2 cut]

  • Way to miss my point, Asam.  Posting here and in Mac Mojo about Vista pricing, which we are not involved with, and which has nothing to do with anything related to the MacBU, is about you having a beef with Microsoft.  You're welcome to your viewpoint, but that doesn't meant that your comments are going to be posted everywhere that you decide to post them.  Stay relevant, or go home (again).

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  • [irrelevant comment #4 cut]

  • "we'll get all Mac User Groups in Europe to make a class action law suit againt Microsoft - I'd organise that, just for fun :P"

    Oh now there we go. Can I get a picture, because while I've SAID "the blind leading the blind" before, that would be the first time I'd actually SEEN it.

    MUGs suing people....heh...MUGs outside...heheheheheheheheheh

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