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the one thing I don't like about my Macbook

the one thing I don't like about my Macbook

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I love my MacBook. I really do. His name is Bernard. Bernard is the right size for my personal laptop. I don't want a big MBP for my own use, I like Bernard's small form factor. I'm okay in making the tradeoff of price and size versus the better video card that's in the MBP -- although I do have to admit that I've considered installing The Sims 2 on my work MBP to play it there instead. Then I realised that playing such games through meetings with my manager would officially constitute a Bad Idea.

For all of my love of Bernard, I do have one problem with him. The edges are sharp. If my laptop is actually in my lap and if I'm doing a lot of mousing, I move my hand so that my palm is resting on the edge of the laptop. On my work MBP, this is fine. The edge there is just a little bit rounded. Not so on Bernard -- which, I suppose, is probably fitting, given his namesake. If I'm doing a lot of mousing (such as with my aforementioned Sims), my palm hurts! I noticed that I've been folding up my screen protector and using it as a little pillow between the edge of the laptop and my palm.

I know that I could just use an external mouse. At the office, that's exactly what I do, since I'm rarely holding my laptop in my lap at work. (I even just bought a blingy Hello Kitty mouse so I can have an external mouse when I'm sitting in a conference room, and it's one that anyone else will be too embarrassed to take if I accidentally leave it behind.) But at home, I'm sitting on the sofa or lying across the floor, and an external mouse just doesn't work in that situation.

  • I had the first version of the Macbook and it had the same problem. I'm typing on the newest one, and I think they might have fixed it. Its still sharp, but it feels different.


  • So white or black?

    I have a Black MacBook and I think its edges may be smoother...  

    But the Hello Kitty mouse is - by definition - way COOL!

  • Bernard is a BlackBook, which is the basis of his name.  The geeky delight I experienced in realising that this would be the only name that I could give a black MacBook is part of how I justified the extra expense of the black paint. ;)

  • "... and it's one that anyone else will be too embarrassed to take if I accidentally leave it behind."

    If that's not the best reason to own such a thing, I don't know what is.

  • You know … I hear that Microsoft makes this Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. :)

  • Dear Steve: Really, I'd love an iPhone included in my WWDC registration.

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