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why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

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I've been noticing several requests for us to add OneNote to our Mac product portfolio. I have some questions for those of you who want OneNote. Tell me how you have used OneNote. Where is it especially useful? How would you compare it to the Notebook Layout View in Word:Mac 2004? Be as explicit and detailed as possible!

I should say that, as a non-Windows user, I've never used it myself and have no personal opinion about it. I've heard good things about it from both Windows and Mac users, though, so I'm curious.

  • I've used OneNote on the PC (mostly beta). I haven't used the Notebook layout view (mainly because I haven't needed to). I would say that the collaboration (notebook sharing) and the simple way to add any type of note (sound, screenshot, website, clipping, visio, etc) made it really useful. This was done in a research environment. I think the biggest detriment to OneNote is that it is a resource hog.


  • I was first exposed to OneNote when I started at MSFT 16 months ago. Skipping over the period in which I tried using the tablet features to hand-write (block print) and recognized that I type faster, I've really loved OneNote and find it to be the app I use most frequently other than Excel (I'm an accountant) and Outlook.

    I'm struggling to figure why I like it better than Word and have to start with - all of the folders & documents & projects, etc. are "open" in OneNote all of the time. It's simple to zip back and forth. The ability to create a OneNote doc directly from an Outlook appointment is very handy and I use that multiple times per day.

    I created a template for meeting notes for my staff meetings and it was very simple. The default "new document" in my Staff Meetings directory is to use my template. Putting that directory into a network directory so all of the team could find it was also simple.

    It's simple and low overhead but integrates seamlessly with Outlook.

    Why do I want it on my Mac? So I can leave my work laptop at work.

  • Because AFAIK none of the current crop of note taking applications for the Mac (such as Aquamind's NoteTaker, Circus Pony's NoteBook) go beyond the personal note / organizer idea.

    I like that you can quickly make a list with NoteTaker, and organize all the points. Real-time voice sync annotation with your notes as you type is very slick in OneNote, and I like the UX with the availability of tabs, the ability to share electronic notebooks with a workgroup, sync between two computers as I do with my PC workstation and TabletPC at the office, send pages via Outlook, search, export Web pages from Internet Explorer and most of all: embed files right on to a OneNote page.

  • Because it is cool app which rises up productivity in intuitive way.

  • OneNote, meh.

    now, the Mac BU using the new XML file formats in Office 2008, and figuring out a way to allow folks to embed OmniGraffle diagrams in Office documents? That would rule. Totally Rule.

  • I love the integration of OneNote and Outlook -- being able to mark something as a "to-do" in OneNote and have it show up in Outlook.  I also like the ability to drag in selected text from a web site and have it show up in OneNote *with* the URL from which the text was grabbed in the first place.

    That said, the main reason I'd like to see OneNote on my Mac is so I can use it for personal stuff as well as work stuff without having to have Parallels running all the time. :)

  • someone - If you could go into more detail about how it improves your productivity and why you find it so intuitive, I'd love to know more.  

    KenLoe - What kind of information are you putting in the OneNote docs that you're starting from an Outlook appointment?  Is it mostly just meeting notes?  If so, why would you prefer to use OneNote instead of the alternatives?  Off the top of my head, a couple of alternatives are a new note in Entourage (which you can link to your appointment) or a notebook in Word (where you could create a new project in the Entourage Project Centre, and then associate both your staff meetings and the notes to the same project)?  I'm not saying that you're doing anything wrong, I'm just trying to get a full understanding of why you prefer to work this way. :)

  • When WIndows was my desktop OS of choice, I used OneNote intensively.  It is perfect for capturing those kind of things that you might just open notepad for, or create a small word document for, or bookmark etc.  I used it for things like capturing useful snippets of code from the web, keeping addresses or phone numbers or other info that I use on a regular basis (e.g. our company VAT number, our accountants address...).  I didn't find it to be a resource hog at all - and that was one of the big attractions - you're on the phone to a customer, you need to jot down what they are saying - a quick click of the OneNote systray icon and you're off.  I wouldn't like to have to wait for Mac Word to load up before I could carry on chatting to a customer... :)

    OneNote is a great product because everything is just there in one searchable place ,but you can also bring some good organisation to the madness of your everyday notes through the main tabbing and then pages within tabs system.

    I have struggled to find anything like this for my Macs.  I would love OneNote for the Mac - and it would be proper cool if it integrated with ,Mac too!!  

  • I would consider myself to be a fairly adaptable person.  I would think that there is no single program that would allow you to jot down notes in exactly the way you would need it in a particular time/moment.  Probably the reason for this is that people tend to do things differently depending on circumstances given at a particular moment in time, and programs tend to: a) have a fixed way of doing things, or b) have too many ways of doing things that most people don't know about because we do not read manuals.  Even if you did (read manuals), then you are faced with choosing one "ideal" way o do things and then you are basically back to one way of doing things (I hope I am making sense).  So, in the end, I think I would adapt to a particular programs pros and cons; I could live with word notebooks (which I did not know existed, by the way), as well as One Note.  I have been using OneNote and I am finding that I have to force myself to actually open the notes and do things there, and most of the time I don't so I am not fully taking advantage of it.

    From what I saw in the notebooks, it looks to be much more structured (fixed) than OneNote, and this may be a good thing (depending on whether this structured way is the way you like... I do).  I will give it a try and comment some more...

  • I saw this blog post and it caught my eye: why do you want OneNote on your Mac?   I own a Mac and

  • We use it for daily logging of our work at our Biophysics Lab. These notes are kept on the server and shared across several researchers. The ability to post screenshots, *visio* and other objects easily makes this the ideal choice.

    I've played with the notebook layout in word 04 but it seems sluggish, doesn't handle image objects smoothly, and is not compatible with OneNote. Thus there's no real value for us in it.

  • because OneNote is the OneReason I still use Windows --- none of the other note apps on Mac come close --- Zoho Notebook is looking promising but still OneNote is way out ahead

  • I use OneNote on a Tablet PC to teach at a University. My main office computer is a Mac (love the tablet for teaching, but that's it) and it would be great to be able to open my note files on my Mac, make edits/corrections, print them, etc.

  • About 18 months ago I had a macbook forced on me as my work computer.  I quickly grew to love the mac, but the application I regret most leaving behind is OneNote.  I miss being able to document stream-of-conciousness research on technical problems, etc.  I used it to more or less replace Word as a document writer, for the few times I need to write documentation, etc, I found that it was simpler to use and was less of a resource hog than Word.   Also I miss the ability to mark any block of text with flags (specifically, the todo flags) - I would take notes in my deprartmental meetings and be able to flag any bullet point as a todo for myself or someone on my team.

    Right now I am using VoodooPad, which is kind of like a localized Wiki, but would switch back to OneNote for Mac in a heartbeat if it became available.

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