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why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

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I've been noticing several requests for us to add OneNote to our Mac product portfolio. I have some questions for those of you who want OneNote. Tell me how you have used OneNote. Where is it especially useful? How would you compare it to the Notebook Layout View in Word:Mac 2004? Be as explicit and detailed as possible!

I should say that, as a non-Windows user, I've never used it myself and have no personal opinion about it. I've heard good things about it from both Windows and Mac users, though, so I'm curious.

  • I would LOVE to have OneNote on my mac as a native mac application.  I actually do have it on my Macbook, but use it via bootcamp or parallels.  I am a patent attorney and I use ON all day at work and sync up with my macbook when running in windows mode.  I have told anyone who will listen that I could entirely go mac at home if they would just come out with OneNote for the mac.  Please!!  

  • I used OneNote to take notes in high school for one year, and it is far and away the best note taking program on any platform.  There's nothing on the Mac that has the same organization capabilities, easy formatting and open canvas aspects of OneNote.  Being able to type anywhere on the page is only one of the incredibly useful features that doesn't exist in Notebook Layout.  Sure, you can use a textbox, but OneNote tried to replicate the feeling of using a notebook while adding advantages only available on the computer and not getting in the user's way.  

    This is the only program I have ever missed since I switched to Mac.

  • I want a ModBook and One Note on that without Parallels would be freaking amazing.  Even if I didn't have an active digitizer, it would still be really cool to see One Note on a Mac.  It is the best application to come from Microsoft.

  • I myself feel that Mac users have a great selection of these note taking and search and organizing applications already. But, since I spend my daytime at an office that's PC only, I would love to be able to share my notes, clippings, graphics, audio, video, and attached docs and spreadsheets between two totally compatible applications on the two platforms.

    After saying that, I would hope that if MacBU every decided to make OneNote for the Mac, that it would be 100% compatible and interchangable with it's PC version with an option to share an online database between the two platforms.

  • Well, let me say I recently opted to get a Windows tablet for two reasons - one, Onenote is not available on Mac, and another Mac is not a tablet. Other than those, I would have gone with a MacBook.

  • I find Word very unfriendly, with OneNote just the opposite, and a terrific place to store all those otherwise miscellaneous items where I will be able to FIND them again easily.  And as someone else wrote, I love that OneNote grabs the link for info pasted from a URL.

  • Posted this over at JKOntheRun's...but wanted to note this here too...

    One reason I'd like to see a Mac version of OneNote besides the fact that it's a great app, is that I use OneNote every day at work on my TabletPC and would to have the option to use it on my MacBook (and maybe one day on a Mac TPC...).

    Obviously, would want a way to move OneNote file back and forth between Mac and PC....



  • I just recently bought a Macbook. It is my first Apple computer. I still use Windows machines in my office.

    Until now, I have been able to use OneNote on my office desktop, home desktop and business/personal laptop. I did so by utilizing Sharepoint. This way, wherever I was using OneNote, I had the latest information possible. I also didn't have to lug my laptop back and forth to the office. Currently, I use OneNote through Parallels and lug the Macbook daily.

    OneNote is probably the best piece of software Microsoft has ever produced.The value of having ALL my notes, information, etc in one easily searchable place is immeasurable. Its versatility is unmatched. I use it for things that someone else might never think of and vice versa. OneNote is one of the few programs in existence that can truly be all things to everyone.

    The only thing keeping me from replacing all my Windows boxes with Apples is my dependence on OneNote. (Well, that and the fact that Outlook 2007 for Windows is vastly superior to Entourage 2004 as far as Exchange environments go. But that is another issue for another time.However, I must say that if I could make Contact Notes with one click from Entourage, I would grit my teeth and bear it.)

    I never thought I'd ever see the day where there would be a Mac version of OneNote, but if there is, I will purchase it the day it hits the store shelves!

  • One Note would be fantastic as a mac application. I attempted to use one-note on a tablet and it failed miserably - most due to the poor interface on the UMPC.

    I transferred the program to my PC and use it to capture meeting notes and sync with Outlook.

    As I am now using my mac with Parallels, a Mac-native version would provide better usability

    sign me up!


  • I'm an avid OneNote user on the PC but find myself using OS X about 80% of the time these days.  I still use OneNote in a VM running under Fusion on XP but would absolutely love a native OS X version!

  • I use OneNote to keep all my notes from meetings orginized by project then add in clips from the web or email into the collection.

    If MBU is going to have a OneNote product it should be file compatible with the windows version so it can be shared across platform. The more the mac can work with the windows versions the easier it is to expand into the office environment.

  • I'm using OneNote in Parallels on a MacBook but wish it were OS X native. The reasons have been mentioned above....ability to integrate multiple document types in a single note, organize work, notes and documents in sections and separate notebooks, integrating voice notes with written notes, integration with Outlook (it would be nice if it integrated with iCal so I could synch it with my iPhone, etc.  There is really nothing like it on either Windows nor OS X to compare.

  • Honestly OneNote is one of the best, full featured organizational tools I have seen.  I have been using endnote for years but with 2007 and the ability to sync/network notebooks between my multiple computers it is even more indispensable.  that being said I have to use Parallels on my Mac at the office to retain it's usefulness which is so so, I would much rather use it in a native manner.  One of the most important features is the syncing of audio recording and note taking.  I was first drawn to OneNote by the tablet bug - but like so many others find that I type so much better that messy handwriting doesn't really have any advantage.  Now I am using it for the plethora of features.  I am yet another vote for bringing it to the mac platform.  By creating as much parity between the Mac/Windows platform you will strengthen the Microsoft brand and remove the competing from the other office suites (iwork, open office, star office, etc).

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