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why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

why do you want OneNote on your Mac?

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I've been noticing several requests for us to add OneNote to our Mac product portfolio. I have some questions for those of you who want OneNote. Tell me how you have used OneNote. Where is it especially useful? How would you compare it to the Notebook Layout View in Word:Mac 2004? Be as explicit and detailed as possible!

I should say that, as a non-Windows user, I've never used it myself and have no personal opinion about it. I've heard good things about it from both Windows and Mac users, though, so I'm curious.

  • i have been yearning to swtich to mac because i am sick and tired of the xp interface and vista is absolute garbage....i do love one note 07 though and if it were to be on a mac, i would love my new mac 100% as opposed to like 80% it would just really help as a student and i a mcertain a native one note on the mac paired with the mac ui would be stellar....plus the macs are being targeted towards college students and young people like crazy, why the heck would they not make a note taking program?

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