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May, 2008

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    the one thing that really annoys me about my iPhone


    The single thing that annoys me the most about my iPhone isn't how often Safari crashes or the slowness of EDGE. No, the thing that really drives me batty is the earbuds. I'm really hating the earbuds.

    I'm not a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. It's has nothing to do with the technology, it has everything to do with me. I'm bad about remembering to keep my headset charged. I'm bad about remembering where my headset is located. I'm bad about keeping my headset paired with my phone. All of these together mean that headsets are virtually unusable, and unused, by me. I've tried it before, many times, and it just never works out.

    I'm not willing to walk around all day with a headset attached to my ear. I get enough Borg jokes because I work for Microsoft, I can't imagine adding to that with a piece of glowing electronics sticking out of my ear constantly. I don't make calls on my phone often enough to justify keeping the thing in my ear all the time. While I do end up making a number of calls on my phone, it's sporadic. It's pretty common for my phone to only be used for calling every other day or so, but then that call is an hour or two. So no constantly-in-ear headset for me.

    Instead, I rely on the iPhone's earbuds. I generally know where my earbuds are (why I've never been able to extend this kind of knowledge to a headset is beyond me). I find the earbuds pretty uncomfortable for extended use (90 minutes is pretty much the max that I can take it).

    The thing that really gets me about the earbuds is that they're constantly tangled. I've tried all sorts of cute little tricks to somehow make them be not tangled. Nothing has worked. Every time I pull out my earbuds to connect them to my iPhone, I've got to spend a couple of minutes untangling them. I'm pretty convinced that there's some kind of technology there that makes them knot onto themselves. I hope that Apple is licensing that technology to the military, it seems like something that they'd find useful.

    Please, Apple, please find a way to make the earbuds work better. I'll accept their current level of discomfort, but I'd really love it if you guys could make them not tangle all the time. I really don't care what you do, I just want to not have to spend four minutes untangling my earbuds every single freakin' time I want to use them.

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    Office 2008 SP1 and VBA!


    It's Release Tuesday here at Microsoft, and we've got a couple of things coming out of MacBU today:

    I'm not versed enough in the dirty details to talk about VBA at any length, so I'll instead point you over to Schwieb's blog: Saying hello (again) to Visual Basic. He's got more details, and he's also asking questions of you, dear VBA users, about what parts of the VBA experience are the most important. Have your voice heard and tell us what's useful (and while you're responding to him, don't forget my post a couple of weeks ago about features vs scenarios -- give lots of details as to what would impact you the most).

    Office 2008 has been treating us very well so far. Since our launch in January, we've sold nearly three times as many copies as we sold of Office 2004 after its launch. We've had a lot of incoming data about Office 2008 through the Office forums, the feedback submitted through the apps, the Customer Experience Improvement Program, and the Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP - because we loves us some acronyms). Through all of this feedback, we identified the highest-impact issues to fix, which include:

    • compatibility fixes across the suite
    • printing issues across the suite
    • Excel's custom error bars get their formatting options back
    • several Exchange improvements in Entourage
    • improved AppleScript support in Entourage and PowerPoint (fixed by the guy in the office next to mine -- I heard his cheers)

    Not to just point to Schwieb again, but he wrote a great post about Office 2008 SP1 too.

    In our press release, our fearless leader notes that we're expanding our staff. We've got several positions open right now, and more coming in the next few months. If you think you might be interested in joining our team, you can check out the Microsoft Careers website. All of our positions are listed under "Mac Office". I just searched and saw that there were 10, across development, test, and program management. We're going to have some more user experience positions open (both research and design); drop me an email if you're interested in learning more.

    (Edited at 11:10am PDT to add a couple of links and to fix a formatting issue.)

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    Clippy has found a new career in acting


    Max, the cool Mac version of ClippyThe much-maligned Clippy has decided to take his career in his own hands. He's been quiet for years, trying to ignore all of the vitriol spewed in his direction by people who never understood his artistic talent. He realised that it was a bad career move to try to move into an Office setting, he really wasn't cut out for all that stuff. So he went underground (so far underground that he's been accused of doing horrible things to the kid found in the Word source code).

    He has now come out of his self-imposed exile. He took a significant role in a new music video from the group The Bird and the Bee, their song titled 'Again and Again'. He's seen off to the side of the screen for most of the first couple of minutes of the song, dancing his little heart out. He worked hard to get into shape for his big debut, and he absolutely rocked it. Some watchers have claimed that he steals the show.

    What's next for Clippy? I hear he's shopping around for an agent ...

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    WWDC wishlist


    It's coming up on WWDC time, which means that it's time to start wishing for cool new stuff from Apple. What do I want?

    iPhone games. Yes, I saw the demos at the SDK announcement. Now I want ship dates, preferably ones of the form "xx June 2008". Icing on the cake would be a couple available for free via Software Update.

    Ultra-ultra portable laptop. The MacBook Air is nifty enough, but not so nifty that I dumped my MacBook Pro. For its size and battery life, it's still not enough for me to move. Now I look at the eeePC with its 7-inch screen and 8 GB hard drive and think that it's the coolest thing on the market right now. I'd love to see Apple do some awesome things in this area of hardware. I don't care how thin an ultraportable is. If you're going to expect me to still have a second machine (which, at least for my office use, means that I'm going to have to purchase a new desktop too, since my MBP is my primary machine), then I want my ultraportable to really be ultraportable: really lightweight, really tiny. The MBA doesn't meet that yet.

    Mac Pro Mini. I've been whinging about this for years, isn't it time for Apple to give in and stop my incessant whinging? I love the iMac for specific purposes (and I'd consider getting one for my primary work machine if the previous wishlist item were to come to fruition), but not for all of them. And I love the Mac Mini (I've got one at home and one in the office), but it’s a pretty limited beast too. I don't need a Mac Pro for most of what I do (no matter how much I’ve been trying to convince my new manager that I need one plus a pair of 30-inch displays). So I want something in the middle, a headless iMac. Or, you know, you could just call it a Mac.

    Laptop docks. I've currently got four cables running out of my laptop: power, USB hub, Ethernet, DVI. Oh, and I've got a USB dongle hanging off the side of my monitor too. It's a hassle to have to unplug everything when I leave my office and plug it all back in. I really do want a dock. At least once per week, one of my cables from my newly-unplugged MBP falls behind my desk, and I get to crawl around back there to thread it back up to where it belongs. Its really annoying. I would care about this less if I could have the aforementioned real ultra-ultra portable laptop and a new desktop, of course.

    Tipsy preview. We haven't heard a codename for the version of OS X after Leopard, so I've made the executive decision to name it after my own cat. I know that Leopard hasn't been out for that long, but let's start hearing some early thoughts about what's coming down the pipe. With such a great namesake, the next version can't help but rock.

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    Nadyne @ Stanford MUG, Monday 02 June 2008


    On Monday, 02 July 2008, I'll be at the Stanford MUG meeting in Palo Alto, California (although their website doesn't show it yet). Come by to learn more about Office 2008, watch me give a demo, ask lots of questions, and hope that you're successful in the traditional MUG raffle at the end. I'll have some Office 2008 goodies with me, including copies of Office 2008. The meeting starts at 6:30pm with the usual MUG Q&A, then some short presentations about shareware and other goodies. My presentation should start at 8pm. I'll talk for about an hour, and spend a half-hour or so on questions.

    SMUG meetings are open only to paid members, but you're allowed to attend your first meeting for free. More info is on the website linked above.

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    user experience designer position available in MacBU


    I mentioned in an earlier post that we're hiring a UX designer. The job requisition should be available on the Microsoft careers website soon; in the interim, I'll post it here. If this sounds like something that you're interested in, email me with your resume and portfolio. And if you're not a designer but are interested in working for MacBU in another capacity (developer, testers, program manager), we've got a few openings listed on the aforementioned MS career website.

    The Microsoft Mac Business Unit is looking for a User Experience Designer. This is a unique opportunity to drive User Experience Design for our market-leading Macintosh products, including the powerful Office for Macintosh productivity suite and Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Come help us build great experiences for the passionate Mac audience, have impact on the way millions of Mac users around the world work, and be a part of the largest dedicated Macintosh development team outside of Apple.

    As User Experience Designer, you will design and prototype product experiences and you will drive your work through the software development process, working as part of a multi-disciplinary product development team of User Experience Research, Product Planning, Program Management, Development and Test.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Balancing long-term strategic issues regarding branding, visual identity, and interaction design with day-to-day tactical issues; spanning oversight to hands-on design
    • Contributing to the delivery of an innovative and definitive Mac user experience
    • Advocating for an integrated, consistent UI through collaboration with the product development team

    Work products may include:

    • User-centered product experiences that incorporate product strategy, business objectives and technology advancements
    • User task-flow analyses, storyboards, concept sketches, wireframes, interaction designs, high and low fidelity prototypes


    • Bachelor's degree in product design, interaction design or related field. Advanced degree preferred
    • Four years industry experience in visual and interaction design
    • Demonstrated proficiency with industry-standard visualization and prototyping tools
    • Design experience with the Mac OS X environment


    • Detail-oriented with a passion for pixel perfection, self-motivated, highly organized, able to work in a team environment that is fast-paced with multiple projects
    • Excellent visual and verbal communication skills
    • Flexibility to travel between MacBU sites in Redmond, WA and Mountain View, CA

    About MacBU: MacBU is a highly independent team at Microsoft; we build and maintain end-to-end ownership of Office for Mac, driving essential productivity experiences on the Mac platform that are used by millions of people. We offer the feel of a small, independent business with a strong team culture of innovation, creativity, and having fun.

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    the road to OOPSLA 2008


    Today I'm in Nashville, attending the spring OOPSLA committee meeting. The early submissions (research papers, Onward! papers, essays, development papers, tutorial proposals, educators' symposium proposals, workshop proposals, panel proposals, and DesignFest proposals) have all been submitted. The decisions about acceptances are being made now, and the authors will be notified in the next few weeks. We're also making the final decisions about invited speakers.

    The major task to be completed at this meeting is to have a first pass at our schedule. We want to ensure that we don't schedule two items concurrently that the same people will want to attend.

    There's still opportunities for you to present your work at OOPSLA. The late deadline is 02 July 2008, which is for the following submissions:

    If you're interested in submitting to one of these tracks and would like to learn more about them than what is available in their respective Calls for Participation, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me. As Development Chair, I'll be able to give in-depth answers about the posters, demos, lightning talks, and student research competition. I've been the student volunteer chair in the past as well, so I know that track very well (and I've written about it when I last held that chair.

    After this deadline passes, there are still opportunities to be involved with OOPSLA. Each of the workshops will accept position papers, and you'll be able to submit to that. Lightning talks will accept submissions until there are no slots left -- which means that it's possible to get a slot for a lightning talk on the day that you would give it if there is space available. And, of course, you can simply come to OOPSLA and attend our tutorials and programme.

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    other iPhone features I want


    Whinging about the iPhone earbuds got me thinking about some other iPhone improvements I'd love to see ...

    Apps should be able to write to the home screen. When I'm listening to music, I like that turning my iPhone back on means that I get to see what song is playing at that time. It's a nice little touch. I'd love for other apps to be able to put info there. For example, I really like the Maps app (which I keep on typing as "Mapps", natch). It finds my current location, I tell it where I'm going, and let it route me (and hope that no-one notices when it tells me to do an illegal manoeuvre, as it did when I was in Columbus a few weeks ago). If I turn off my iPhone while it's in the Maps app, or if the iPhone powers down on its own, I'd love for the place that I left off to be what's visible on my home screen. I'm often returning to Maps to see whether it's time to turn yet, this would save me a couple of swipes while I'm driving in an unfamiliar location.

    Along those lines, I'd like to be able to customise the home screen. Yes, I know, I can put my own picture there (which is currently a picture of my cat). I;d love to be able to customise that behaviour better. For example, I'd love to be able to have the calendar view what's visible there all the time. That would save me a few swipes on my iPhone, since I'm often using it to figure out where I'm supposed to be going next.

    ObDisclaimer: I haven't looked at the beta SDK, so I have no idea whether this is possible. The beta SDK is still under NDA, so please don’t comment/email with any details about it. :)

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    Office 2008 podcasts forthcoming


    Stephanie Krieger, a Word expert and one of the people who has given our big booth presentations at Macworld Expo, is going to provide some Office 2008 podcasts in June. The first one is about compatibility, the other is about making your documents look great. If you haven't seen one of her Office booth presentations, this woman can make your documents sing. She's got a great eye for design (in fact, you can thank her for many of the templates that you see in Office 2008), and she is a sorceress when it comes to working with our tools like SmartArt. I have to admit that I always try to watch one of her booth presentations because she's so great at making documents look fantastic. I'll definitely be downloading these podcasts when they're released!

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    achievements in Office


    Grand Theft Auto IV hasn't left my Xbox 360 since it came out, and so I've learned about some of the achievements (warning: link contains game spoilers) that are available there. (Not me playing it, I should point out.) During a meeting today, the idea was floated for having game-style achievements in Office.

    Thanks to the joy of Twitter, I've been sharing my ideas for such achievements in my twitter stream. Here are some ideas for unlocking achievements in our apps:

    • create an invite in Entourage has has more than 10 invitees
    • create a PowerPoint slide deck with more than 100 slides
    • complete all of your Entourage tasks that are due today
    • hit the limit of Excel's big grid (that's more than a million rows!)
    • use Word's track changes to make more than 100 edits
    • create 20 formulas using Excel's formula builder
    • have an hour-long video chat in Messenger

    Okay, so the Office achievements probably aren't as exciting as some of the GTA4 ones. Got any ideas of your own? Share 'em in the comments ...

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