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January, 2009

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    Macworld Expo tips


    Just a handful of tips to make your Macworld Expo experience all that much nicer ...

    San Francisco should never be called "San Fran" or, worse, "Frisco" (our own Emperor Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, even fined those who were "heard to utter the abominable word"). Doing so immediately identifies you as a tourist, and you will be forced to spend your entire visit at Fisherman's Wharf, otherwise known as the Tourist Ghetto. If you must refer to San Francisco by anything other than the full name, it's "the city". New Yorkers must avoid protesting that only New York City can be referred to as such, lest they be simply sent to Alcatraz.

    Macworld Expo does not have an upper-case W in the middle. Giving it an incorrect W immediately identifies you as a clueless noob. Saying that you're going to MacWorld in Frisco means that you're immediately taken back to SFO and put on the first plane out of here. Your pass will be donated to a deserving local Mac user.

    Don't go over to the Metreon for lunch. The rest of the Expo will go there, and the options there really aren't that great anyway. At least go a little bit further afield to the food court in the Westfield shopping mall. It's on Mission, just a couple of blocks away. The food court isn't bad, and there's a couple of sit-down restaurants in there (I rather like Out the Door). There are dozens of great lunch spots within a few blocks of Moscone; I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to find their favourites (or to comment here with them).

    Wear comfortable shoes. It's all concrete and tile, with some carpeting in the booths. You'll be on your feet a lot. If you're trying to decide between the cute shoes and the comfortable shoes, suck it up and wear the comfortable shoes. Cute shoes won't overcome your crankiness when you have massive blisters by Wednesday afternoon.

    There are inexpensive chair massages to be had over at Macy's on Union Square. When you're tired of carrying all your stuff around, head over there for a quick pick-me-up. (And then go downstairs to their teensy food court and get a cookie from Tom's. I particularly like the chocolate almond truffle cookies.)

    There's a Starbucks across from the W at Third and Howard. The line there is always shorter than the one on Fourth between Mission and Howard.

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    Mac developers who made the news


    The folks over at Macworld have an article about Mac developers who made the news in 2008. We get a shout-out in there, given that we kicked the Mac year off with our release.

    Working on software is weird. To the rest of the world, Office 2008 is the latest-and-greatest. To me, it's not. I've been working on our next releases since well before Office 2008 hit store shelves. There's plenty of people who haven't upgraded to Office 2008 yet (we had a stellar year for sales, but that doesn't mean that the whole world upgraded in January 2008), whereas I started using Office 2008 more than a year before it launched, and I switched over to using [redacted] a couple of months after the release of Office 2008.

    It's the whole dogfood culture: I don't want anyone outside of MacBU to use it until it's been thoroughly tested, so I "eat my own dogfood" and use it first. This trips me up sometimes -- before answering a question about Office 2008, I have to check to make sure that it's accurate for that version instead of for what I'm currently using. If someone asks me a question about Office 2004, I have to point them to another resource (or look through the Office 2004 help) 'cause that feels like ancient history to me.

    Okay, back to working on my Macworld presentation. If you're coming to San Francisco, track me down in the hallway or in our booth to say hi!

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    Q&A: Why doesn't Entourage work with Hotmail anymore?


    I got a question via email about using Entourage to access your Hotmail:

    Using Entourage on an iMac. Suddenly Hotmail account doesn't want to work anymore. Saw your post regarding POP3 coming soon. Will that fix this problem?

    Earlier this year, Hotmail made POP access free to all users. This is part of their effort to remove WebDAV support. WebDAV is the method that Entourage currently uses to connect to Hotmail.

    If you currently use Entourage to connect to your Hotmail, and you find that it's suddenly not working any more, you'll need to set up a new account in Entourage to access it. The Entourage MVPs have a great post about how to set up Hotmail in Entourage as a POP account, and there's instructions in the Entourage online help to set up a Hotmail account.

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