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April, 2009

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    Q&A: How can I use Outlook Web Access 2010?


    I got a question via email from a Mac user who wants to update to Outlook Web Access 2010:

    I've despised using OWA on my mac, but have to for work. Your article got me excited, but when I followed the links and tried to download the public beta, I could only find an .exe file, I looked around, but can find it for mac.
    Can you help me?

    For you as an end user, you can't use OWA 2010 yet. OWA 2010 isn't something that you install. It's a part of Exchange 2010 (just as all of the earlier versions of OWA were part of Exchange), it comes as part of the package when your server is running Exchange 2010. Since Exchange 2010 has only just hit public beta, your Exchange admin isn't going to make it available to end users yet. At most, they're going to be downloading it now and testing it themselves with a very small number of users. The only thing that you can do is let your Exchange admin know that you want OWA 2010 as soon as possible.

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    Macworld on the impact of Exchange 2010 for Mac users


    John C. Welch has written a great article for Macworld about what Exchange 2010 means for Mac users. Go read his thoughts about it.

    Here in Microsoft, the Entourage team has been working closely with the Exchange team to ensure that Exchange Web Services meets our needs. The results of this collaboration can be found in Entourage for Exchange Web Services, not to mention Exchange 2007 and the new Exchange 2010. This collaboration has extended from the development and test teams all the way through me as the UX researcher. I've been sharing my expertise about Mac users with their team to help them understand what Mac users expect.

    I was surprised at how often I'm finding myself using the new OWA 2010 now. I'm leaving my laptop in the office more frequently, and relying on OWA to check my mail and calendar at home. My evening routine now includes a quick check of OWA to see what I've got to get done the next day. I used to just check it to see when my first meeting was on the next day. Now, I get a more complete picture of what I've got going on. I used to just set my alarm clock based on my first meeting, now I set it based on what I really need to get done. It's a subtle change, but it's been pretty important.

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    it's good to have friends in high places


    The Microsoft blog at ZDNet published a story: Former Microsoft MacBU chief now running entertainment client software.

    That's right: Craig Eisler, the previous General Manager of MacBU, is now a Corporate Vice President. He's in charge of the entertainment client software, which includes Xbox and Windows Mobile. (Aside to Craig: couldn't you have shaved for the official headshot?) Those of you who've been watching MacBU for some time will remember that Craig's predecessor was Roz Ho, who's now the Corporate Vice President for premium mobile experiences.

    This means that I now know two Microsoft CVPs, so I've got friends in high places!

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    Q&A: How do I install the 12.1.7 update with Entourage EWS?


    With the latest 12.1.7 update, I keep on getting asked variations on the following question:

    How do I install the 12.1.7 update with Entourage EWS?

    If you are using Entourage EWS, and if you want to continue using it, you should not update to Office 2008 12.1.7. Keep your Office 2008 install at 12.1.5. If you update to 12.1.7, you will irreparably break Entourage EWS.

    If you have installed 12.1.7 and subsequently discovered that Entourage EWS no longer works, you're going to have to fully uninstall everything, then reinstall Office 2008 up to (but not past) 12.1.5, and then reinstall the Entourage EWS beta. When Entourage EWS exits beta, it will be updateable along with the rest of the suite.

    We're working on finalising Entourage EWS. I'll post more details when I've got 'em to share.

    Edited on 17 August 2009: The final version of Entourage for Web Services is now available, so you should update!

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    Outlook Web Access 2010 screenshots


    Paul Robichaux, who's certainly in my Top Ten Favourite MVPs, has posted screenshots to his blog of Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2010. The screenshots were taken using Safari on his Mac.

    Like Paul, I've been using Exchange 2010 for some time. (And now, you can use it too: it's in public beta now.) I'm very pleased that Safari (and Firefox) on Mac is now fully supported: you can get the full OWA experience instead of the old OWA Light experience. OWA 2010 plus Entourage for Exchange Web Services means that I have more access to more of my data when I'm on the go.

    I especially love the support of categories in OWA. I rely heavily on categories to keep my sanity (well, what's left of it). Every contact in my address book is categorised (which means that all of their incoming email is automatically categoriesd), and every event on my calendar has a category too. That means that I can glance at my calendar and know that I'm spending most of my time on, say, Entourage this week. I like having my notes and tasks there, too, but the category support is the one that really helps me to be more productive.

    I'm sure that the folks over at the Exchange team blog (which has such a geeky name ("you had me at EHLO") that I can't help but love it) will be posting more details about Exchange 2010 in the future. If you're an Exchange user, I highly recommend keeping up with their blog.

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    Guy Kawasaki on PowerPoint


    Today, Guy Kawasaki came to speak at Microsoft.

    One of the points that amused me the most was his idea that we should sell, and charge more for, a PowerPoint Pro version. That PowerPoint Pro should limit you to 10 slides, and never allow you to use a font smaller than 30.

    While I fundamentally think that such an idea doesn't make sense for the general use of PowerPoint, I do think he's right about certain kinds of presentations. There are definitely presentations that could benefit from having no more than 10 slides, and there are definitely presentations that try to cram way too much information onto a single slide.

    (For more about Guy's talk here, you can check out my Twitter page.)

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    Exchange 2010 beta now available


    In some non-MacBU news, the Exchange team has announced Exchange 2010 (previously known by the codename Exchange 14). The public beta of Exchange 14 is now available.

    As the Exchange team has been working on Exchange 2010, they worked closely with the Entourage team to ensure that the new Exchange Web Services protocol would work very well for us. It's been an awesome relationship for us, and meant that our own beta of Entourage for Exchange Web Services was a stronger release for it.

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    Office 2008 12.1.7 and Office 2004 11.5.4 available today


    Update Tuesday is here, and aside from the Office:Mac 2008 trial, we've also got a couple of updates to Office:Mac 2008 and Office:Mac 2004.

    Office 2008 is now at 12.1.7 is a roll-up update that includes everything in the previous service packs. It's a security update. For complete details about this release, check out the knowledge base article.

    Office 2004 is now at 11.5.4 is also a security update, and complete details about it are in this knowledge base article.

    For those of you who are using the Entourage for Exchange Web Services public beta, you should not install the 12.1.7 update.

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    Office 2008 trial now available


    Afraid of commitment? Then give the Office:Mac 2008 free trial a go. More details about the trial are available in our Mac Mojo post: Office 2008 for Mac trial: Take Office for a test drive.

    Yay trial! :)

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    love is in the air


    Alfred, Lord Tennyson, famously wrote:

    In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

    If your thoughts of love come in the form of thoughts of a wedding, Weddingbee is having a contest you might be interested in. Tell them why you should win, maybe you'll win their prize package. It includes a new MacBook, Office:Mac 2008 Special Media Edition (which is our edition in the pearly white box, so it will match a pearly white dress!), and a $1000 gift card.

    In The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Shakespeare wrote:

    O! how this spring of love resembleth
    The uncertain glory of an April day!

    You've got until May 8 to enter, a bit past the uncertain glory of April. So good luck with the contest, and good luck in planning your wedding. :)

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