The first day back in the office is always a difficult one. I finally managed something on this holiday that I never quite managed before: I didn't check email, not even once, while I was gone. I'm one of those always-connected people, so just disconnecting my iPhone from Exchange was a big deal. It was probably easier to stay disconnected since I started my holiday in Yosemite: there was no cell access of any sort, let alone a data connection, so I couldn't even sneak in and look at it. That established the precedent, and I didn't check email for the rest of the trip.

Getting back into the office today, I had 99 unread emails in my main inbox. I use server-side rules to filter my incoming mail into various folders, so the only stuff that ends up in my main inbox is the stuff that's addressed directly to me. So on one hand, I'm happy that my mail filters did a lot of work for me and I have a great idea of what actually needs my attention. On the other hand: that's 99 mails that actually need me to do something with them. Eeeep!

Today is all about catching up. If I'm really lucky, I'll even finish my presentation for my talk at the San José State University student chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society on Wednesday night.