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RTM, baby!!!!!!!

RTM, baby!!!!!!!

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I'm not often given over to exclamation points, but today is Really Truly Massively awesome because Office:Mac 2011 has hit RTM.  

RTM stands for Release To Manufacturing.  Office:Mac 2011 (v14.0.0) is done, and now it's in the hands of our manufacturing partners.  They'll start cranking it out, and it'll be on store shelves at the end of October.

I am truly proud of the work that we have done on Office:Mac, and I can't wait until it's in your hands for you to try out.  

But now, to cap off this Really Truly Massively awesome day, I'm going to go have some celebratory margaritas with the rest of my team.  Happy RTM!

  • Superb - can't wait to get this!

  • When will we get it on TechNet or MSDN for testing? It's kind of hard to push for an upgrade internally without having the ability to test the new office suite in our organization...

  • Anon-

    It's my understanding that Mac products aren't available via TechNet or MSDN (at least they told me so when I asked about the missing downloads) - You might want to drop a line with Technet/MSDN and let them know that you'd love to have Mac products included in your account.

  • I was just about to ask about the TechNet testing as well. All other Microsoft products come to TechNet and MSDN for testing but the MacBU products always seem to be MIA.

  • BIG Feature MISSING!!  [snip snip snip]

  • Hi Leon - Sorry, but I had to edit your comment.  The item that you've mentioned isn't something that we've discussed publicly yet.  Office:Mac 2011 is still under NDA.

  • Why isnt office mac available as part of the MSDN/Technet subscription?

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