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  • Blog Post: the life and death of Virtual PC for Mac

    Most of the other MacBU folks have been talking about VBA while I've been gone, and I don't think that there's anything that I can really add to that discussion. VBA is much less of an impact on the apps that I focus on, and some of our other WWDC announcements were more near and dear to my heart anyway...
  • Blog Post: more about our announcements

    In case you haven't seen it yet, some of the MacBU crew who aren't here at WWDC have written some things about some of our announcements this week. Check out their posts: Rick Schaut: Virtual PC and Visual BASIC Erik Schwiebert: News of the day Schwieb again: Saying goodbye to Visual BASIC
  • Blog Post: I'm, alas, a salami!

    In a previous post , I revealed that my favourite MacBU code name was Taco Cat . None of you guys rose to the bait to make any guesses about what it could be! Oh, readers, how disappointed I am in you! Le sigh. I've been let down by the nameless faceless Internet. Taco Cat was the code name for...
  • Blog Post: Q&A - what do you work on?

    Someone pointed out to me that I haven't admitted which products get my keen insight into the user experience. Currently, I'm MacBU's user experience researcher for the following products: PowerPoint Entourage Virtual PC Remote Desktop Connection I also handle some of the common...
  • Blog Post: Virtual PC at SVMUG Monday night

    I forgot to mention this earlier, but at least I'm faster on the draw than the previous time ... Tomorrow night, James Brennan from the MacBU Virtual PC team, is going to be at SVMUG to talk about Virtual PC Version 7. I might tag along if I have any energy left after the 12 (yes, count 'em, 12...
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