Things are hectic around here as we all rush to get RC1 ready for you, but from time to time its nice to take a short break and look at what people are saying about Network Access Protection, a quick perusal of the most recent (06/02/06 - Vista Beta 2: Microsoft bites the security bullet) review of Windows VISTA from Network World ( makes special note of Network Access Protection:


“In our testing of Microsoft's recently released Vista Beta 2 code, we found that in terms of its revamped client-side networking infrastructure and policy-based security controls, it's in lock step with Microsoft's Longhorn server code.

The state of these and other policies are the crux of what Microsoft calls "System Health", which is the mechanism that provides data to Longhorn Server under the Network Access Protection (NAP) System scheme. With information about the client's health and adherence to configuration policy, the client and server pieces work together to permit, deny, or quarantine network access by Vista Beta 2 (or updated Windows XP) clients that aren't up to company standards.


There is lots of cool security work happening in VISTA, that’ makes it even more impressive that we keep getting called out in the 1st paragraph of the articles coming out on the topic (see the reference to “client-side networking infrastructure and policy-based security controls” that’s us J).


Well back to RC1, have fun with Beta 2!


Ryan M. Hurst
Lead Program Manager
Layer 2 Authentication and Authorization
Windows Enterprise Networking