Check this out! NAP is one of the “20 Reasons Why Windows Vista Will Be Your Next OS” according to ComputerWorld. In fact, we are in the very first bucket of 20 “Security” reasons. This is what Scot Finnie says:

“Improved network access protection (Windows Server needed) -- requires client PCs that try to connect to a network to "security up" by installing the latest updates and turn on protections before they can connect.”

Jeff tells me I am not blogging enough, which is true. I have been busy working with tons of NAP partners who have been working hard supporting the NAP platform. The partners range from Anti-virus vendors to hardware vendors. If you don’t see your favorite vendor, let us know. Better yet, ask them to be part of NAP!


Truly yours,

- Calvin Choe
NAP Lead Program Manager
(and now wearing a business development manager hat as well)