October, 2006

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    Building custom popup controls

    I heard more than few times question on how to build combobox like dropdown custom control where clicking on dropdown will show a treeview, a checked listbox or any user control. One example is the dropdown tree control for Area and Iteration paths. To...
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    Communicating between custom controls: Building parent/child controls

    After release of custom controls feature in SP1 beta, few asked me how to build dynamic custom controls: For example, state and city controls like below where city gets loaded based on state’s value. Another variation of it is one or more controls show...
  • Naren's Blog

    Deleting workitems

    This issue keeps coming up in forums and discussion lists. In V1, there isn't a way exposed to delete workitems. Richard Berg pointed out a workaround that I hadn't thought of before: Denying permission to everyone for those workitems will achieve same...
  • Naren's Blog

    Building a dialog to pick workitems

    This post is a tip if you ever wanted to build a dialog in your app to pick workitem(s). You might have seen the work item picker dialog below in TFS to select one or few workitems, such as when adding a work item link. If you ever wanted to use this...
  • Naren's Blog

    How to extend linking and workitem UI with custom link types

    Overview : If you have used links in work item tracking, you might have wondered if you could add your own link type. In V1 we do have linking extensibility model and the purpose of post is to walkthrough how to use it. Example of custom link could...
  • Naren's Blog

    How to use Custom Controls in Work Item Form

    What is custom control feature? Now you can show your own controls in work item form. See for http://blogs.msdn.com/narend/archive/2006/09/27/773025.aspx introduction to this feature. This is part of SP1 beta . There is also a codeplex project to...
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