August, 2007

  • Naren's Blog

    How to port Whidbey custom controls to Orcas

    If you built a custom control in VS2005 (Whidbey) and deployed in user’s machines, what happens if the user upgrades to next version of TFS (Orcas or Rosario)? The Orcas client will try to load the custom control, but the custom control was compiled with...
  • Naren's Blog

    New links control features in Rosario

    Rosario is next release of TFS after upcoming Orcas release. You can read a lot about Rosario from Brian's blog . CTP is available to try these features. This post briefly lists UI featuers in links control. By default, the new links control now...
  • Naren's Blog

    New custom controls posted in codeplex project

    Two custom controls are posted now in WIT custom controls codeplex project: . Controls are: Screenshot control for easily getting & attaching screenshots and WebSiteControl where a website can be hosted inside...
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