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July, 2005

  • Nate Moch [MSFT] WebLog

    ADO.Net, multiple SQL servers, and escalation

    Performance versus ADO.Net: I was asked to speak on the performance of System.Transactions versus ADO.Net. Here is what I found out from one of our developers, Mike Clark: “ADO.Net transactions continue to exist in Visual Studio 2005. Our performance...
  • Nate Moch [MSFT] WebLog

    Questions on Rollback

    I recieved a request for some info on rolling back transactions and a litle more basic information. I hope this helps...if not, let me know and I will add more:) Committing and Rolling Back Transactions: After Transactions are created, they can...
  • Nate Moch [MSFT] WebLog

    What is System.Transactions?

    Hello, My name is Nate Moch and I am a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft and I work on the Transactions team. Specifically, I have been working on the System.Transactions namespace that is part of Visual Studio 2005. I can’t describe how...
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