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August, 2013

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    Submitting a Windows 8 App to the Store

    I know what you're thinking - how did I go from 'phase 1' of my app in the last blog post to submitting it to the store? Well, the app building process was just that fast! Just kidding (not really), I will show you exactly how I did it once I set up screen...
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    Building a Windows 8 App: Phase 1

    Hello there! So in my last post I mentioned that I was about to start building my first Windows 8 app, and that I did! Today I'm going to give you a step by step on what I've done with my app. This could be helpful for anyone else out there who may be...
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    Who's that girl? It's Nathalie!

    Howdy! Greetings from Dallas, Texas! Just a couple of weeks ago, I said goodbye to my Alpha Chi Omega sisters, had my last order of green tea boba at Downtown LA’s Urth Café, and watched World of Color at Disneyland for the last time....
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