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September, 2013

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    AT&T M2M Mobile App Hackathon

    A few weeks ago I attended the AT&T M2M Mobile App Hackathon at the AT&T Foundry in DFW. I had a great time meeting everyone and seeing what all the awesome projects the 10 teams were working on, but I wanted to share the creation of one team...
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    Windows Store error 0x80073cf9

    So ironically enough, I had issues downloading my own app (which you can download here !) Luckily, with the powers of the internet and my fellow Evangelist David Washington (thanks David!) I was able to resolve the issue. Try any/all of the tips...
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    My app is in the Windows Store!!!!!!!!!!

    It's official! Baby's First Piano is now in the Windows Store and you can download it here!!!!!!!!! ---- After my last submission to the store...
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    Resubmitting my app to the Windows Store

    So I received the sad news that my app did not pass the Windows Store certification check. But, they did provide me with the Certification report (pictured below) which told me what I need to do before resubmitting. The report told me that I...
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