When I tell people that I'm a Tech Evangelist, they often ask what it means, and what this means for a day-to-day job. This post will give ya'll a little window into what my work day at the office (not traveling or presenting or anything) looks like. I must say though, that one of the coolest things about this job is that every day is different. ;-)

Wednesday December 4th 

9:30am Wake up. Time for coffee, black coffee. I read and reply to some morning emails before making the drive into the office.

10:30am Pull in to the Las Colinas campus for a sync up meeting with the two other Dallas Tech E's. We reflected on this past year, and discussed our plans for the new year. Lots of brainstorming happened, and we also decided on the universities each of us would be visiting. SPOILER ALERT: if you go to Texas Tech, Trinity, or UTD, you should be excited for my presence.

1:00pm Previous meeting was pretty long, but that's fine since lots of planning got done. Time for next meeting with marketing to discuss a new exciting idea I will be piloting in the new year. (I won't announce it till everything is finalized. I know, I'm so mysterious)

2:00pm Starvation. I go to In-n-Out to grab something quick. I consider protein style, but decide otherwise. I also discovered that you can get from the office to In-n-Out without driving on a main road. You could probably even walk. It is dangerous that I now know this. On my way back up to the 4th floor, I check out the Company Store. They have this new shirt that has a print on it that says "I ran for Office" but instead of the word 'office' there is the Microsoft Office logo. I LOL-ed.

3:00pm I'm back on the 4th floor. I go through my inbox to reply to the multitude of emails that have come in. I also plan out my calendar for next year, and do some research and preparation for the content I will want to present. I also made some bookings for traveling that I will be doing in January and February for conferences. I check on my social media outlets too - my blog and twitter.

5:00pm Before I know it, it's just after 5. I decide to head out a little early in hopes of beating the traffic. Fail, there is lots of construction on the roads right now, and there always seems to be traffic. But it's alright, because I end the day with Sushi Wednesday with friends and it is delicious.