Parallel Programming in Native Code

Parallel programming using C++ AMP, PPL and Agents libraries.

Slides for C++ AMP presentation

Slides for C++ AMP presentation

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If you'd like to present at an event, e.g. your local user group or a conference, you'll probably need to put together a slide deck. While you are welcome to do that, I thought I'd share with you ours, so please feel free to download the C++ AMP PowerPoint deck.

These slides are an updated version of the slides I used at the BUILD conference in September. They are updated in terms of using Beta syntax, but the core structure, content and flow of the presentation is unchanged. So if you want more tips on how I present that session, in addition to watching the recording you may benefit from the guide on my personal blog: Give a session on C++ AMP – here is how.

Hope this helps, and don't forget to download the C++ AMP slides!

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