Parallel Programming in Native Code

Parallel programming using C++ AMP, PPL and Agents libraries.

C++ AMP Training Course by Acceleware

C++ AMP Training Course by Acceleware

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Do you want to become an expert developer in GPU computing using C++ AMP? What better way than to take a 4-day, deep-dive, hands-on, training course delivered by well-known GPU computing experts: Acceleware.

In a small class room environment, you and up to 11 other students will get to consume lecture material and to code solutions to exercises on the laptop provided, under the close supervision of the Acceleware developer instructing the class. Get all your questions answered on C++ AMP and GPGPU programming in general.

For more information on the 4-day course syllabus, and also to find a location/date convenient for you, please visit the C++ AMP training homepage on the Acceleware website:


Are you also delivering a C++ AMP course? Let us know and we'll promote it here on our blog.

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