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Kinect Fusion Runs on C++ AMP

Kinect Fusion Runs on C++ AMP

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We are happy to announce that the newest feature, Kinect Fusion in the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 runs on C++ AMP. Kinect Fusion is a tool that uses Kinect for Windows sensor to create highly accurate 3-D renderings of people and objects in real time.

Using C++ AMP for GPU based reconstruction allows Kinect fusion to provide customers with real time and interactive frame rates on both NVidia (GeForce GTX560) and AMD (Radeon 6950) graphics cards. The below picture, obtained from Kinect for Windows product blog the 3D rendering of a person created using Kinect Fusion.

The MSDN documentation on Kinect fusion shows how within a few seconds Kinect fusion is able to create a 3D reconstruction of a static scene.


In the coming weeks, we will posting a series of blog posts listing how some of our customers are using C++ AMP in their products. So stay tuned!

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