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C++ AMP Open Spec V1.2 Published

C++ AMP Open Spec V1.2 Published

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C++ AMP Open Specification V1.2  is available now under the Microsoft Community Promise – which essentially allows any C++ compiler implementer to add C++ AMP to their compiler.

As before, Microsoft supports and encourages anyone to implement the C++ AMP open specification on any platform, and we are actively working with interested parties already. AMD’s implementation of C++ AMP targeting SPIR and HSAIL is a prime example of this. If you are a compiler, hardware, or operating system vendor who is interested in C++ AMP support for your platform, read the specification and feel free to get in touch.

The major highlights in C++ AMP Open Specification V1.2 include:

  • Addition of new sections on:
    • sampler (10.3)
    • texture_view<T, N> (10.4)
    • texture_view<const T, N> (10.5)
    • global texture copy functions (10.6)
  • Update to section array<T, N> (5.1) to include shared memory support.
  • writeonly_texture_view<T, N> (10.2) has been deprecated with texture_view<T, N> taking its place.

To assist you in implementing the C++ AMP open specification, we are making available certain header files from our Visual Studio 2013 implementation under an Apache 2.0 license - you can download the headers in the attached ZIP file. We also have available C++ AMP conformance Test Suite 1.2.0 to assist you in reducing the testing cost.

Even if you are not a vendor, we believe you will surely have a fun time reading the C++ AMP Open Specification V1.2. You can find previous version(s) of C++ AMP Open Specification here.

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