I first heard about blogging during PDC 2003 time and I have been checking out several blogs since then.  And here I am doing my own!  I am mostly going to focus this one on discussing business intelligence (BI) stuff - the technology, the business, and anything else related to it.  And you might notice me talking more about Microsoft stuff since (as you guessed it) I do work for Microsoft!  My role at Microsoft is to assist with technical enablement of developers and development organizations who are developing on Microsoft platform.


I love software and in particular BI has been my passion.  To me, BI is a cool technology that  lets you make sense of all that data out there!  Whether it is figuring out the best way to put items on the shelf at a grocery store (like stacking beer and diaper together) or figuring out a loyalty program to reward loyal customers at a casino - BI technology has super potential!  I hope you will share my passion for this cool technology as much as I do.


OK, now moving on to another subject?  Anyone watched French open this weekend?  Tennis fever has gripped me and I actually spent playing tennis outdoors for couple of hours today!! This is my favorite game to play and watch!!!