Manage multiple service tiers in NAV 2009

Manage multiple service tiers in NAV 2009

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Did find an interesting tool developed by Kine yesterday about managing multiple service in NAV 2009. So what can this tool do?

  1. Start/Stop the NAV services
  2. Create new instances of the services
  3. Configure the services (change DB server, DB name, and enable/disable debugging on them)
  4. Remove the services (excluding the default one)
  5. Do it all on remote machine (remote registry access required)

Kine's post about the tool: Here
Source code:

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  • So, if you have multiple servers and you are trying to attach to the Process in visual Studio, how do you identify your service?

  • I don't know about any way to see the difference between the server processes, so normally I simple stop all other servers when debugging.

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