February, 2009

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    Report Headers

    In classic reports, adding a header to your report is as easy as just copying the Header section from an existing one. With reports for RTC you need to do a bit of manual work to get your report header. A standard header contains the following information...
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    Labels in NAV2009 Report Design

    When adding fields to a report, the caption is typically added automatically or with a bit of drag and drop from the DataSet in VS Report Layout. But if you want to add additional labels, for example Report Name in the header, then there are a few more...
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    Customizing style sheets for MS Excel

    As of version 5.0, Dynamics NAV introduced the option to export forms to MS Office (Word or Excel). Data presented on the form are exported in an xml, formatted using style sheets then sent to Word/Excel/Other programs A Style Sheet tool for Dynamics...
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