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  • Blog Post: Setting up 'Combined Radio' System WHCK test

    Puzzled on how to set 'Combined Radio' System WHCK test up? If you are not familiar with WHCK tests that require multiple machine setup, this is very common. Please check out where you can find the step by step set up guide for Combined...
  • Blog Post: Mapping your location

    Would like to quickly map your location in your Windows 8 app? Take a look at this "One Dev Minute" video: Mapping your Location . Interested in more details? Check out the How-to topic on displaying your location on a Bing Map. (Please rate so that I know if you'd like to see more/less of such...
  • Blog Post: GNSS (GPS) Test Guidence for Windows 8

    I have been working on GNSS for last few months. If you are interested in developing GNSS solutions on Windows platform, hope you find my whitepaper on the topic useful:
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