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  • Blog Post: Where can I see the list of Logo'ed Mobile Bradband Drivers for Windows 7?

    You can find the list at Winqual website.
  • Blog Post: Where to get the home provider name?

    The home provider name should be read from the SIM. EFSPN is one of the most common places this information is available. What if the SIM is not SPN (Service Provider Name) provisioned? EONS (Enhanced Operator Name String) could be another option or doing a partial match based on the MCC-MNC from the...
  • Blog Post: SMS tests for CDMA SevenBitAscii encoding - Who is responsible for encoding/decoding the data?

    Logo tests for CDMA devices those support SMS SevenBitAscii encoding send the UTF-8 encoded unpacked data to the driver and expects the driver to do the encoding to 7BitASCII. On the receive also, the tests expects the driver to give the unpacked data up to the OS. For Unicode encoding also, the data...
  • Blog Post: You get a failure in NDISTest log. Now what?

    1- Make sure you read the ndistest html log very carefully. 2- Check the test source code for the failing test. Test source code can be found at \ControllerName\Tests\x86fre\ NTTest \ nettest \ ndis \ \ sdk\src\wwan. Reading the source code along with the log helps. 3- Try with another...
  • Blog Post: Before starting Mobile Broadband Logo testing

    1- Make sure you download latest QFEs applicable to WLK you are using. QFE packages can be found @ Microsoft Connect download page.You can find the instructions @ 2- Make sure you check my blogpost about the applicable erratas to Mobile Broadband...
  • Blog Post: Mobile Broadband Logo tests source code

    You can find the source code for NDISTest test scripts in your DTM installation at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Driver Test Manager\Tests\x86fre\nttest\nettest\ndis\\sdk\src\wwan You can also view the source code of a test by right clicking on the test name from NDISTest GUI before starting...
  • Blog Post: WLK 1.5 Erratas and known issues for Mobile Broadband Logo Program

    I tried to list the erratas and known issues in Mobile Broadband Logo tests for WLK 1.5 below and give an example of the failure you'll see in the tests. 1- Errata 1754: ProviderId must be 0 or 5 digits in length for CDMA, ProviderId was 0...
  • Blog Post: 'Compatible with Windows' = 'Designed for Windows'

    Name of the Windows Logo is changed from 'Designed for Windows' to 'Compatible for Windows' for Windows 7.
  • Blog Post: Running NDISTest from command prompt

    You can find NDISTest in your DTM installation at c:\Program Files\Microsoft Driver Test Manager\Tests\x86fre\nttest\nettest\ndis\ A typical way you can launch and auto execute Ndistest from command line is: ndistest.exe /auto /client /target:miniport /tc:{your test adapter guid...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Broadband driver development and testing resources

    I'd like to put together a compile of resources available for Windows Mobile Broadband driver developers and testers. I'll keep updating and please feel free to add to the list via comments: 1- Resources listed in Networking Developer Platform Center:
  • Blog Post: How to handle an OID_WWAN_SMS_CONFIGURATION request when ready state is initialized but SMS subsystem is not ready yet?

    Miniport driver is expected to respond with uStatus WWAN_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED in this case. Then when SMS subsystem is ready, it must follow with an unsolicited indication of NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_SMS_CONFIGURATION. Returning a different status code may result in Logo tests to fail with an error similar...
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