I would like to say something clever in my first post, but testing generics has my brain tied up in knots.

I am currently an SDET in .Net Compact Framework at Microsoft testing security and generics. Its been 2 years for me on this team and I have to say it is the best team I have worked with so far.

It has been customary for me to post some code on my first blog and I am not about to break that tradition today. So here it is:


#include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char **argv)


while (*argv != argv[1] && (*argv = argv[1]) && (argc = 0) || (*++argv

&& (**argv && ((++argc)[*argv] && (**argv <= argc[*argv] ||

(**argv += argc[*argv] -= **argv = argc[*argv] - **argv)) &&

--argv || putchar(**argv) && ++*argv--) || putchar(10))))




You should be able to compile this code in VS. Try figuring out what it does ...