December, 2008

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About Nicholas Blumhardt

I'm originally from Brisbane, Australia, now working as a Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond.

Most of my time is spent on the Managed Extensibility Framework for the upcoming .NET Framework 4.0.

In my spare time I run the Autofac project, which I founded.

You can find some more posts on my previous blog.

  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Explicit Context Dependencies

    As a follow up from my last post about Global Container vs. Injected Context , I would like to share this snippet from Component Software , which casts the difference between the two approaches in another light: "A software component is a unit of...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Container-Managed Application Design, Prelude: Where does the Container Belong?

    There is surprisingly little information out there in cyberspace on how IoC containers should fit into application architectures. In parallel with my MEF/Ruby series, I'm going to discuss some of the principles that I believe should be applied to ...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Ruby on MEF: Hybrid Application

    Since the last installment in this little series, I've started to consider how Ruby/C# hybrid MEF applications might look. The result is yet another component-based calculator: Besides the Radiohead arithmetic , there is one reason to get excited... Ruby...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Ruby on MEF: Imports and Exports

    Well, the "Ruby Parts" implementation is slowly taking shape. If you haven't read the first article you probably should before you read on. Exports An export is an object that a part will hand to the outside world to fulfil a contract . Sometimes...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Hosting Ruby Parts in MEF

    MEF is fascinating because of the way some initial assumptions led to a different flavor of composition technology from the ones we've seen for .NET to date. In my opinion, the most exciting ‘parameter variation’ in the design process for...
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