August, 2009

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About Nicholas Blumhardt

I'm originally from Brisbane, Australia, now working as a Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond.

Most of my time is spent on the Managed Extensibility Framework for the upcoming .NET Framework 4.0.

In my spare time I run the Autofac project, which I founded.

You can find some more posts on my previous blog.

  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Dynamic Part Instantiation in MEF

    Disclaimer: This functionality is not shipping in .NET 4 (but is available in the recent CodePlex drops , see below for more details.) The golden rule of using composition to simplify your architecture is to avoid calling the container directly . Until...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Parameterised Triggers and Re-Entrant States in Stateless v2

    Since working on a clinical outcomes review system a couple of years ago, I’ve been aware of the gap between simple hand-coded workflows and the full-blown workflow tools. Stateless embodies the idea that a state machine can use closures to implement...
  • Nicholas Blumhardt

    Analyze MEF Assemblies from the Command Line

    In MEF Preview 6 we shipped a sample assembly called Microsoft.ComponentModel.Composition.Diagnostics , demonstrating the kinds of things that can be determined by (semi-) statically analyzing MEF catalogs. With Preview 7 we added a utility that makes...
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