November, 2005

  • Neal's Blog

    Breaking Changes

    Something we in the C# Compiler team have been discussing recently is the issue of including "breaking changes" in our code. This is a big deal, especially for a compiler, which people expect to be pretty rock-solid. There are a lot of issues here, most...
  • Neal's Blog

    Expressions vs. Statements

    This morning, I was discussing issues around my previous post with Mads Torgersen, the PM who owns the C# compiler, and it reminded me of the next issue I wanted to talk about. Something I'm pushing for in the Orcas timeframe is to add not only the Func<>...
  • Neal's Blog

    Func<> and delegate types

    I'm a bit new both to the C# team and to blogging, so bear with me as I muddle through my first post about something that interests me. :) Let me start at the beginning. Since C# 1.0, one of the things that I liked about it (compared to Java, since I...
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