Ryan Dunn in the team has just finished off the finishing touches to a services application which uses SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) to store the content in the cloud. This has all being placed onto a site so that you can get details about the LINQ provider to SSDS and a whole number of Powershell cmdlets. All the code is available on codeplex (http://www.codeplex.com/phluffyfotos).

What you will see a PhluffyFotos.com ?

Users will be able to upload their pictures from the web or mobile device. This sample is designed to demonstrate how you can develop a multi-tenant application using SQL Server Data Services (SSDS).

The demo utilizes several technologies including: ASP.NET MVC Extensions, LINQ, WCF, Silverlight, Windows PowerShell, and the .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

· LINQ to SSDS provider.  Using either lambda expressions or the Where extension method, your business logic is transformed to the correct REST-based URI query syntax.

· ASP.NET Membership Provider.  All user information is held in the cloud and this membership provider seamlessly integrates into the web application.

· PowerShell cmdlets.  The installation and configuration of the sample uses PowerShell to configure the user’s SSDS account storage.

· Mobile app.  This demo has a mobile application where photos taken from the phone’s camera can be uploaded to the PhluffyFotos website.

Getting Started

You can download the full sample and all the source from CodePlex (http://www.codeplex.com/phluffyfotos).

To build and run the PhluffyFotos sample on Windows Vista you will need to install the following components on your machine:

· Visual Studio 2008 RTM

· Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Preview 2

· Windows PowerShell

· Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK (Optional)

· Windows Mobile Device Center (Optional)

Important: You must have SSDS account credentials to use this application.  If you do not have credentials, internal users can visit http://cloudds and sign-up.

An online version is hosted at http://www.phluffyfotos.com