There was an interesting article this morning in InfoWorld, discussing whether moving from on premises Exchange, Sharepoint, Communications and Office to the cloud with Office 365 will put the IT Admin out of a job? The common belief has been that this would be true, but most IT Admins I speak to in smaller businesses want to get out of the disaster recovery business for all these areas and want to offer move value to the company. In fact, some say that they are so overwhelmed that they have not been able to offer some of the capabilities they would have liked from the products due to time.

Adam in the team presented at the Connections Conference earlier in the week and that was the summary of his talk.

Mr. Carter, however, was optimistic. His take was that modern admins will have plenty of work to do. If they're willing to evolve, they'll find that Office 365 still requires plenty of administration in many cases. But relieved of the added workload -- putting out fires, fighting with clustering, or dealing with hardware issues -- admins will instead have the opportunity to find ways to enhance the organization through IT. That is, these admins can make their people more productive so that ultimately it adds to the company's bottom line. Nobody who can do that will be looking for work in the near future.

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